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Welcome to Heartland Care Center

Heartland Care Center is a community-owned, non-profit nursing home facility that offers a large range of nursing care, including long-term care, hospice care, skilled (rehabilitation) nursing care, and assisted living. Heartland Care Center personalizes each individual care plan to meet the need of your loved one. With special diets, nursing management, and a full spectrum of activities, Heartland Care Center can cater to meet your needs. We are a non-profit facility that has a Board of Directors that meet monthly to oversee the management of the facility.

Our philosophy is to provide the best home-like care and services to our residents that reflects a clean, safe environment to retain their highest practicable level of functioning ability, and supports each individual’s needs and preferences!

We practice dignity in every aspect of our care here at Heartland Care Center. We are committed to promote the health and advancement of growth for each resident who is in our building. Our departments blend together to enhance our residents’ autonomy in ways which reflect their personal and social natures of dignity, privacy, independence, individuality, and choices to support the decision-making abilities of individuals.

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Heartland Care Center is Affiliated with Cherokee Regional Medical Center

Representative of Heartland Care Center, a non-profit organization that manages a nursing home and assisted living facility in Marcus, Iowa have announced that they recently signed a letter of intent to affiliate with Cherokee Regional Medical Center (Cherokee Regional), a non-profit health care organization providing services in Cherokee County and surrounding area. The affiliation is slated to begin on August 1st, 2023. 

After months of discussion, the Heartland Care Center Board of Directors and administration have determined that joining a larger organization, such as Cherokee Regional, is in the best interests of the Heartland Care Center, especially when considering the challenges, the nursing home industry has faced since start of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. Labor shortages and rising costs have resonated throughout the healthcare sector in the United States, severely impacting the nursing home industry.

Cherokee Regional officials stated that they look forward to having Heartland Care Center join their family of diverse health care services. Cherokee Regional leadership expressed one of the major functions in deciding to bring Heartland into its umbrella of services is to address the projects need for increased nursing homes beds in the future. The affiliation will help ensure the hospital has access to beds to place patients after hospital stays when they need further care in a setting such as Heartland Care Center.