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Welcome to Heartland Care Center

Heartland Care Center is a community-owned, non-profit nursing home facility that offers a large range of nursing care, including long-term care, hospice care, skilled (rehabilitation) nursing care, and assisted living. Heartland Care Center personalizes each individual care plan to meet the need of your loved one. With special diets, nursing management, and a full spectrum of activities, Heartland Care Center can cater to meet your needs. We are a non-profit facility that has a Board of Directors that meet monthly to oversee the management of the facility.

Our philosophy is to provide the best home-like care and services to our residents that reflects a clean, safe environment to retain their highest practicable level of functioning ability, and supports each individual’s needs and preferences!

We practice dignity in every aspect of our care here at Heartland Care Center. We are committed to promote the health and advancement of growth for each resident who is in our building. Our departments blend together to enhance our residents’ autonomy in ways which reflect their personal and social natures of dignity, privacy, independence, individuality, and choices to support the decision-making abilities of individuals.

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Call us at 712.376.2500 or fill out the form below.

Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!

Thank you to the Heartland Community! We would not be here without you!

We have had several of community members make masks, gowns, and other PPE to keep our staff safe and healthy. Which in return keeps our residents safe and healthy!

Thank you for letting us take proactive precautions and visitor restrictions. Yes, it is hard but thank you for trusting us with your loved ones! Thank you families and friends for coming to the widows to visit, video-chatting, and calling your loved ones! Every little bit counts!

Thank you community members and families who are sending letters, pictures, etc. to our residents! HUGE thank you to our second and third grade friends who write to us. We miss your faces! If you know them or not, it puts a smile on their face! Thank you to everyone!

Every single person is a heart in our facility! Whether you are a family member, friend, volunteers, or a community member, you guys make up our hearts at Heartland! Thank you!